Our team has worked with a variety of web technologies including React, Flask/Django. We aren’t artists, but we always try to make what we do look and feel engaging.


Our whole team is passionate when it comes to connecting our software with our hardware design skills.


We’re on the cutting edge technology and always strive to provide engaging and helpful analytics for all our projects.


We have worked with many clients and we always like to hear they come out from the cooperation happy and satisfied. Have a look what our clients said about us.


Meet our team!

Nathan Glover

Nathan Glover

Computer Science

  • B.Tech, Curtin, 2017

I have a curious mind and enjoy exploring any and all fields of technology.

Stephen Mott

Stephen Mott

Mechanical Engineer

  • B.Science, UWA, 2018

Student at The University of Western Australia.

Rico Beti

Rico Beti

Software Engineer

  • B.Science, ECU, 2018

I’m a passionate software engineer of Swiss origin now living in Perth, WA.

Luke Stokes

Luke Stokes

Mechatronics Engineer

  • B.Sc, Curtin, 2018

Student of Curtin University.

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What to check out some of the great stuff our team has been working on? Check out some of our latest posts!

SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2018

on January 8, 2019

Introduction The following post outlines the technical steps taken to complete the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2018. A copy of the PDF of this post is available HERE Cranberry Pi Challenges The Name Game https://docker.kringlecon.com/?challenge=pwshmenu We just hired this new worker, Californian or New Yorker? Think he's making some new toy bag... My job is to make his name tag. Golly gee, I'm glad that you came, I recall naught but his last name!

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Exploiting XXE Vulnerabilities in Apache NiFi

on January 11, 2018

Introduction I’ve based this write up on a fantastic one published by Chris Davis from Counter Hack on the SANS Pen-testing blog. The actual exploit itself is one that has been acknowledged and fixed in the latest public build of NiFi (1.4.0). The reason for this post is purely for education purposes, as I’d worked with XML External Entity attacks in the past; but never fully understood how and why they work.

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3D Printing Ethereum Wallet QR Code

on January 2, 2018

Introduction Recently the price of crypto currencies has exploded. Through December 2017 we saw a massive value spike across the board on almost all major currencies, based mostly on the movements of BTC. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of BTC currently (price surge and the networks scalability means that the cost per transaction is around 20USD), I do dabble in Ethereum (ETH). Wallet Address I used to have all my ETH stored in online wallets with my exchange, however recently I had a urge to begin mining currencies which spurred me to setup an offline wallet that I can manage myself.

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SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2017

on December 29, 2017

Introduction The following post outlines the technical steps taken to complete the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2017. A copy of the PDF of this post is available HERE North Pole and Beyond Story The Online portion of this years SANS Holiday Hack can be seen in the following overworld map. Each level had a few places that points could be earned: A Physics based Snowball challenge where you were required to complete a set of level specific challenges by directing a snowball around a map.

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